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The long-awaited hot months of summer are here and are a sign to relax and read under a tree or take a dip in the pool and then nap on the porch. But, if you are a homeowner, summer is much more than just the fun and the barbecue evenings. It is also a sign to take care of your home and ensure that the summer home maintenance tasks are completed well before time. It is also a time to start preparing your home for the intense summer storms. It is important to have a home maintenance plan for summer just the way you have one for winter. When the weather is pleasant and the temperature is warm, you can accomplish a lot and it will set up the home for the rest of the year. Here are a few essential home maintenance steps you need to take before summer sets in.

Clean the grills and filters

The first thing you need to do is clean the air grills and replace the filters and the kitchen hood vents. This cleaning is something that should be done every quarter but if you do not have the time for it, you must do it before the summer sets in. It will ensure that the air conditioner or the chimney works at its optimal efficiency and will prevent any failure. Do remember to check your air conditioning warranty while you are at it.

Check the doors and if the handles are loose, tighten them

No matter the time of the year, it is essential to have tight handles on your doors. It will ensure your safety and security at all times. Humidity and temperature can influence the functionality of the handles and doors. It could cause the handles to stick and expand due to the moisture while in the colder months, they could become loose and shrink. Hence, before summer sets in, check the handles of all the doors and tighten them. You must also check the screens, and windows and ensure that they close and seal well.

Replace caulking in the tubs and showers

An important but neglected part of home maintenance is the tubs and showers. You could be using them every day but might never find the time to repair or replace something that is broken in the bathroom. If you neglect it today, it could lead to a huge plumbing bill in the near term. Make it a point to inspect the tubs and showers and replace the broken caulk in order to prevent the water from seeping inside the walls where it will remain hidden. The cost of repair for moisture beneath the wall will cost you hundreds of dollars while a caulk replacement will only cost around $10.

Go through the landscape

Once you have completed the home maintenance from the inside, it is time to step outdoors and check the landscape. You must ensure that the trees in your garden or backyard are not rubbing or even touching the roof of your home or the sides of the house. If they do, you need to trim them otherwise they will cause a lot of damage in case of a storm. Look for any other issues in the exterior. Whenever the weather is favorable, you can easily inspect for problems in the roof, deck, gutter, and foundation cracks and even repair them. Ensure that the gutter is clear of any debris and the drain is cleaned properly. You can also add gutter guards if you want to keep the debris out.

Have a safety inspection

You will need to do a thorough safety inspection before the storm. Clean the vent in your dryer, give a thorough check to the hose in the washing machine, and check the fire extinguisher as well as the toilet supply line. It is important with regard to the safety of your home. If the hose or the vent needs a replacement, do it before it causes a major house situation and puts you back by a few hundred dollars.

Pressure wash

Dirt, pollen as well as other environmental factors could have a huge impact on the exterior of your home. This is when you should consider pressure washing. Use it for the windows, walkways, siding, masonry, or patio in order to prevent the environmental chemicals from breaking down the joints, paint, seals, or mortar that protects the home from any moisture leak.

These are a few steps that will make your summer easier and more convenient. You do not need to do everything at the same time. Plan these steps over the weekend and carry them out whenever you have the time. It will save a lot of your effort and money in the long term.