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Software developers and engineers are needed in all industries. As technology becomes more affordable and innovative, every sector is acquiring these solutions to improve operations. This increase in technology has led to a growing number of positions for software developers.

But is job demand the only thing you should consider when choosing a career path? Not really, because there’s much more to a career than simple numbers. At the same time, the demand changes, and some jobs quickly become obsolete, although this isn’t going to happen with software development.

With all that in mind, here are the seven main reasons you would want to become a developer.

You can learn many new things

The tech industry is constantly changing, and things are happening quickly. If you’re the kind of person with a curious mind and don’t want to get stuck in a position where you do the same things repeatedly, this might be the right career choice for you.

Developers constantly use new programming languages like Rust, JavaScript, Go, Ruby, and Swift. Furthermore, developers use distribution and storage systems like JFrog, GUI designers, compilers, linkers, assemblers, analysis tools, etc.

Problem-solving is a constant

Many people have the ability and love to solve problems. That makes them perfect for software development, which is all about recognizing logical issues and finding adequate solutions. A typical workday involves planning, writing code, executing code, solving problems, and debugging.

There are always multiple ways you can fix a specific problem, so companies often look for developers who have an innovative approach and can provide alternative solutions.

Great salaries

The average median salary of software developers in the US is around $120K which is genuinely fantastic. The lowest-paid developers make around $90K per year, which is still really good, especially considering that the average salary in the US is around $53K.

Simply put, developers make a lot of money. On top of that, there’s always available work, and you can switch positions quickly and pursue positions that pay more.

It’s easy to climb the ladder

Developers and engineers can progress in their careers quickly. There are always new companies looking to create solutions and new businesses looking for digital products. Many developers also start their own companies and are highly connected.

It’s easy to network with people, share ideas, and start new projects that could help you earn more than working nine to five. Developers become seniors in just five years, opening up so many opportunities.

You can work remotely

The hybrid work model has become popular in all IT companies after the Covid-19 pandemic. Most companies today have hybrid workplaces, where you can work at home or from the office. There are also many job opportunities where you can work 100% remotely.

Furthermore, developers can also learn online through various programs, courses, videos, and communities. Many developers also work as freelancers, and they choose the projects they want to work on and organize their time. If you like working alone on your schedule, you can do this continually, and that’s not something you can find in other careers.

Collaboration is part of the job

Even though there’s a stereotype about programmers sitting in dark rooms all alone working all day, the reality is quite different. Only a handful of developers work independently, while most of them communicate with other team members, coordinate with managers, and work with others.

As a developer, you need good communication skills, and you have to play for the team. You can share ideas and knowledge, collaborate with other departments, and interact with clients. It’s a well-balanced position where you can work alone and with others.

Free time for travel

Many developers take advantage of the fact they work remotely. In other words, you’re not tied to a single location because of work. People often travel while working and exploring the world. Many developers have to travel because of conferences, product promotions, and presentations.

In other words, they travel because of work. If you’re a person that loves exploring new places and you don’t like being in one place for a long time, then this is a perfect career choice. Some even incorporate other hobbies with travel.


In the end, developers enjoy a high level of job satisfaction. IT companies invest a lot in HR departments and try to make their employees comfortable. You will enjoy many other benefits besides a high salary and flexible work schedules.

Many companies organize special events, team building, parties, and projects. Even though this is a great career option, it’s not for everyone, and you should analyze your needs, interests, and habits before taking that next step.