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Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of a modern company’s marketing strategy. Because it is a considerably technical field, most businesses engage third-party agencies to deal with it. But have you considered training your existing employees to become SEO experts? Let us look at the benefits of building an in-house SEO team to help with your Google rankings.

More Control

With so many SEO agencies out there, it is tempting to consider turning over all your content creation to them. After all, SEO agencies claim to be able to tailor their content to fit your needs, right? While this may be true to some extent, there is no way that an external agency can understand your brand offerings as deeply as your own marketing personnel.

With your SEO-trained marketing team, you can have complete control over the content that is created for your brand. In addition, you do not have to surrender your hosting details and access to your website or social media accounts to another company. An in-house team means a more streamlined SEO process where you maintain strong oversight.

Better Marketing

Typically, your marketing personnel will write promotional content and then hand it over to a third party to optimize for search engines. This means that work has to be done twice on every piece of content. Training an in-house SEO team of marketing professionals means that marketing collateral is already crafted with SEO values in mind, reducing redundancy.

Furthermore, your marketing professionals will have a better idea of the keywords and themes that attract your target audience and can better design your brand’s marketing campaigns. This leads to exceptionally effective campaigns that give your marketing department more fulfillment and bring your company more customers and profit.

Company Values

Business goals evolve and so do their value propositions. Because digital marketing agencies only deal with a segment of your business, they are generally not as invested in the progress of your brand as a whole. After you sign a contract with an SEO agency and start a campaign, it can be difficult (or impossible) to change your goals midway.

However, when you have a team of SEO marketers, you can ensure that they are always in sync with your company’s vision. A change in the boardroom can be reflected in your SEO campaigns on the very same day. This ability to embody your company values is invaluable when interacting with your target audience and potential customers.

Wise Investment

Although you may have to invest in getting your marketing staff trained in SEO, the investment will pay for itself quickly. The cost of SEO services can range from a few dollars for a pay-per-click advertisement to tens of thousands of dollars for SEO audits and marketing campaigns. By doing all of this in-house, you can save a significant sum over time.

Investing in your employees’ professional development adds value to their jobs and gives them a sense of belonging. Studies have shown that happier employees are more productive and loyal to their companies. If you are concerned that your marketing staff will seek greener pastures after their training, you can formulate a contract with a minimum working term to guarantee the return on your investment.

How to Train Your Employees in SEO

There are many ways to train your marketing team in SEO. The conventional way is to enroll them in an SEO basics course in a technical college or the like. Unfortunately, this is not time-efficient and your employees may not like to return to the school environment. A better alternative is to hire a Search Engine Optimization coach.

1ON1 SEO Training offers SEO lessons via online and face-to-face personalized classes for businesses and individuals. Classes take only an hour a week and your marketing personnel can conveniently learn about SEO without leaving their desks. With screen-sharing software, they can clearly see how to perform the SEO tasks demonstrated by their expert tutor.

Since some of your marketing staff may know more about SEO than others, personalized SEO training enables each person to receive instruction that is matched to their level. While some individuals need to start from scratch, others may be ready to learn about backlink building. This ensures that you do not waste money going over things that your staff already know.

The course also provides added value by offering access to SEO tools. Students have all their documents stored in a shared cloud folder and lesson sessions are recorded and shared for future reference. This way, your company maintains full transparency on what your marketing team has learned and you can keep track of their progress at any time.

Search engine optimization is a powerful tool that can help companies succeed and grow. If you have a trusted marketing team, why not help them upgrade their skills by getting them trained in SEO? By hiring reputable SEO tutors and investing in your team, you can develop a strong in-house SEO strategy that offers you full control and the top ranks in Google.