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When you finally get the call that you have an appointment to pitch your ideas to an investor, you know it is a big deal. Since only 0.91% of entrepreneurs receive funding from angel investors, you need to deliver a pitch that will make them open their wallets. Put your best foot forward, so you are one of the 0.91% and on your way to achieving your goals.

What is a pitch deck?

Entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas and product to investors in hopes they get financing for their startup. The presentation consists mainly of visuals to ensure you maintain engagement of the audience. Including animation in your pitch deck makes it more dynamic than traditional slide shows.

A pitch deck or even the best pitch deck template that you are going with, must be easy to understand and professionally designed, that is clear, simple, and engaging. You need to effectively convey who you are, what your product is all about, and why your startup is important. Your pitch deck must show a problem (the need in the market) and the solution to the problem (your product). Back up your claims with data and information about your startup with a clear call to action – the investment.

The Perfect Pitch Deck

When you create a perfect pitch deck, there are 10 essential slides that you need to cover to win over investors.

1. Introduction: The first slide is the introductory slide and when you need to make a good impression. Use this opportunity to tell people who you are, and in a sentence or two, let them know what your product is about – get to the point. If you pass the likability test in the introduction and create interest, you are halfway to getting that much-needed investment.

2. Introduce the problem: Show the audience that they have a problem or need – that there is a gap in the market. A good pitch will identify scenarios that the audience faces that your product could potentially solve.

3. Solution: This is your opportunity to explain what you do and how you can solve the audience’s problem to make their lives better. Reinforce that you have the capabilities and commitment to solving the problem.

4. Product: Here, you will demonstrate your product as the solution to the problem and beat your competition. Some good pitches will use screenshots of their product in action with a short description.

5. Traction: Present your month-over-month growth of the startup. While some startups don’t have finances to show, you can use data and charts to demonstrate why your idea will outperform the competition. How can you set yourself apart from similar ideas?

6. Competition: Explain what your competitors are doing and demonstrate why you are different. You can include how much the competitors have raised and at what valuation. Investors will know what the rest of the market is paying. This will also help in the negotiation part for the terms of the investment.

7. Team: Introduce your team and provide short biographies sharing their accomplishments and why they will add value to the business. Investors need to know who is behind the company and what makes them qualified to execute its vision. List the most relevant people on the team with bullets of their accomplishments.

8. Financials: Share with investors how much capital you need and how much you have raised already. You can explain what you plan to do with the money and the possible returns they can expect. Provide a 3-year projection, but be prepared for if the investors ask for a 5-year projection. It’s always good to over-deliver to ensure you have covered all areas should they ask for more information.

9. Marketing plan: Present a clear marketing plan of how you will take the product to market and how you intend to generate sales by these efforts.
Close: Conclude the presentation with a short summary of the content presented in the presentation, and how they can get in touch with you.

Your pitch deck should be error-free and consistent in design. Tell a story with your product and show how you can fulfill the market needs with your ideas. Show why your company is unique and valuable.