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Everyone loves getting gifts. When someone gives you a gift, it makes you feel special and your relationship with that person is positively affected.

Corporate gift-giving has the same effect. When an employee or customer receives a gift from a company, they feel valued and their connection to the company grows. During the COVID-19 pandemic, gift-giving became even more important for companies, since they couldn’t have as much face-to-face contact with employees and clients.

Giving gifts was a way for them to show they hadn’t forgotten about the people who kept their business thriving. It continues to play an important role in building and maintaining business relationships.

Of course, your gifts should leave the recipient with a good impression. Cheap, tacky, bad-quality gifts won’t impress your employees and customers. If your employees or customers are receiving your gifts just to throw them away, your corporate gifts aren’t serving any purpose.

It’s necessary to put some effort into your corporate gifts. Think about your clients, employees, and potential customers. What do they like? What kind of items could they use? Be creative and let your company’s personality shine through in your gifts. For employee gifts, try to tailor your gifts to the individual. Your employees will feel appreciated and get something they actually like.

If you struggle to come up with creative gift ideas, here are a few to get you started:

Swag Bags

What’s better than getting a gift? Getting a whole bag of them. Swag bags, also known as goodie bags or giveaway bags, are small bags filled with assorted items. They’re great for giving out at events and conferences.

Items like candy, pens, and lanyards work for any swag bag and are cost-effective. But if you want to take your swag bag to the next level, include some premium items too. Pick a theme for your bag that fits your company’s personality. If you have a tech company, include accessories like chargers, headphones, and phone cases.

Also, put some thought into the bag itself. Get drawstring backpack bags instead of using paper or plastic. Put your business’s name or logo on the bag too. If you’re giving your bags out at an event or conference, people will probably carry them around throughout the day, giving more people the chance to see your brand.

Water Bottles and Tote Bags

Reusable water bottles and tote bags are practical corporate gifts anyone will love. If your company takes pride in being environmentally friendly, these are the perfect gifts. You can personalize them for your employees or put your company logo on them. It’s a great way to reduce plastic waste in the office and show your employees some appreciation.

Snack Boxes and Baked Goods

Snacks and baked goods are always welcome gifts. Both your employees and clients would be thrilled to receive some delicious cookies or yummy snacks. You can even make your own baked goods to give as gifts.

Just make sure to check if anyone has food allergies or dietary restrictions before you give an edible gift. If you ask ahead of time, you can accommodate everyone and no one will feel left out.


There are subscriptions for just about every interest you can imagine. You can get subscriptions for magazines, wine, clothes, candles, and even cheese. Gifting a subscription is a cool way to show your employees some love and give them something they’ll actually enjoy. It’s also easy. You don’t have to go shopping or wrap it. Just a few clicks and your employees will get a gift they’ll love.

Gift Cards

Both clients and employees will appreciate a gift card. Gift cards for restaurants are a great choice. Get your employees a gift card to their favorite coffee shop near the office, or give your clients a gift card to a popular new restaurant.

Another idea is to get your clients something that will make their lives easier. You could get them a gift certificate for a cleaning service or a car wash. They’ll likely be thrilled by your thoughtful gesture.

Gift cards that remind the recipient to take care of themselves are always a good idea. A spa gift card is great for someone who needs to destress. If your employees are into fitness, you could get them a gift certificate for some workout classes. There are so many options when giving gift cards, so you won’t have a problem finding something for your clients or employees.

Corporate gifts can be a great way to connect with your clients, show how much you appreciate your employees, and get potential customers interested in learning more about your business. So don’t waste the opportunity by giving cheap gifts that’ll just get thrown away. If you put some thought and creativity into your gifts, your employees and clients will be happier and get gifts they can actually use.