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Whether you’re thinking of getting modern window shades or upgrading your living room with an electric fireplace, there’s no doubt that modern living spaces are getting increasingly high-tech. As technology has continued progressing and evolving, it has begun to take a central place in our professional and private lives. We are now at a point in technological history where science fiction is slowly making its way to become established parts of our everyday lives.

With progress being made in a huge number of fields including artificial intelligence (A.I.) and virtual reality, we’re closer than ever to a future containing the shiny holograms and robot helpers that we’ve been seeing on-screen. While we might still be some distance away from the flying cars and hoverboards that science fiction has promised us, there’s still lots of things you can do to add some technological pizzazz to your house.

“Alexa, Play Despacito!”: Using Smart Technology

While they have also become the subject of many an internet meme, A.I. programs such as Alexa and Siri have also become increasingly advanced and have expanded their range of functions since their introduction. Some modern homes (dubbed as smart homes) show their trust in these programs by allowing them to partially take control of a number of systems within the house such as the thermostat settings, lights and sound system. Most of these programs are programmed to respond to voice commands or be triggered by certain sounds such as clapping.

As more and more technology become wireless, it only makes sense that our living spaces follow suit. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that landlines were a common sight in most households, but now most millennials and Gen Zs would not consider getting one for themselves. Advancements in wireless technology through Bluetooth and wi-fi, have made connections more stable and allows more applications to be linked to a network at any one time without affecting the speed. This has made wireless technology an easy and convenient option for a number of tasks and it’s no surprise it has become the default.

Therefore, this makes it an easy and convenient option to link up the wireless features in your house to a central system which can often be controlled either by voice or via a remote device such as one’s phone. As the range of functions that A.I. and wireless technology are able to fulfil increase, it is likely that more of us will be able to upgrade our living spaces into smart homes.

Lights, Camera, Action: Upgrading The Home Movie Theatre Experience

Although many of us would consider an indoor theatre to be something that is the height of opulence and luxury, there are now ways and means of transforming movie nights in your living room into a theatre-esque experience without having to break the bank. As technology improves, the design of sound systems even from smaller brands improves in tandem. This means that unless you’re an audiophile or are very particular about your viewing experience, it is possible to get a speaker of decent quality without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Furthermore, it is now possible to get gadgets like miniature projectors which can be linked wirelessly to a device like a phone or a laptop and used to project a video onto your ceiling or a blank wall which brings a lot more flexibility and a novel experience to your movie nights. If you wish to add an additional layer of immersivity into the experience, you can even invest in a good VR headset.

Although previously, such technology may have been primarily owned and used in specialized places or by specialized professions, with technological progress, they have managed to become commercially available. Furthermore, consumers don’t even have to struggle particularly hard in order to find such appliances since such goods are usually fairly easy to find via online shopping. With a few taps on a keyboard and the click of a button, most major online shopping platforms will have you spoilt for choice. Just make sure to read the reviews before purchasing!

As your parents, grandparents and perhaps even your older siblings have likely mentioned, technology is evolving at an exponentially fast rate. Now it is likely that most of the people you know are in possession of at least one touch screen device. A little over 150 years ago, sci-fi told of a world where a plastic square could pay for anything with a tap and now most of us have a credit or debit card. Ten years ago, Blackberry phones were still considered modern and touchscreen technology was just starting to gain traction. Perhaps it is not so strange to imagine that given another few decades we may perhaps see those holograms and flying cars which we have dreamed of.