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Smart homes are not just about convenience and comfort. There are many other benefits to why you would want to automate your home, such as increased energy savings. Smart appliances are energy efficiency solutions that can help reduce your monthly utility bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

However, that is only a given if you build your smart home intending to save energy. This is because not all smart devices are designed to save resources, and some innovative home technologies like connected cameras and speakers actually consume more power than you think.

<h1>Smart Appliances Decrease Energy Drain</h1>

You may not know this, but many household appliances are draining substantial power even when turned off. This includes everything from your toaster and dryer to your microwave and washing machine. totalled up, all the energy drained from these plugged-in appliances can represent up to 10 to 20 percent of your monthly electric bill.

In the past, the only way to avoid this energy drain was to unplug appliances when they were not being used. But nowadays, many smart devices can turn off the appliance standby modes, which effectively helps you save on your monthly electricity bills.

Plus, the beauty of these smart appliances is they are programmed to be energy efficient. And they do that not by trying to restrict your energy use, nor do they try to force you into doing so yourself. Instead, they keep track of your lifestyle and find ways not to spend energy when you do not need it. If you factor that in, your smart home can save up to 30 to 40 percent of total electric use.

So to help you build an eco-friendly smart home that can be cheaper to live in, here are some of the proper devices and appliances you should invest in.

<h1>Blocking the Sun Out with Smart Blinds</h1>

Investing in energy efficient blinds goes far beyond privacy. Smarter automated blinds offer options to program preferences and can automatically respond to the surrounding temperature.

It will contain heat within the walls of your home on cooler days, prevent heat leaks, and keep cool air from seeping in. On warmer days, drawing the blinds against the direct sun can prevent excess heat from penetrating the home and help keep cool air conditioning from escaping.

Besides, it can also be perfect for the summer when days are long and the sun shines into your home for most of the day. Using smart blinds will automatically make the most of the day’s natural light while keeping out the dangerous UV rays at the hottest times.

<h1>Smart Light Bulbs to Make Sure Lights Out</h1>

Have you ever left your home in a hurry and left the lights on by accident? You may have been heading to an important meeting or possibly even going on vacation. By installing smart light bulbs, you can talk to them through your Wi-Fi network and switch them off with a click on the app.

Better yet, there are also smart light bulb options with motion sensors. These bulbs can detect when you’re in the room, automatically turn the lights on or switch them off when the space is empty. Additionally, you can adjust the brightness of a smart bulb. When a bright light is not required, dimming will also help you save electricity and prolong the bulb’s life span.

<h1>Regulate the Temperature in your Home</h1>

Smart home devices like thermostats and temperature sensors are highly efficient because they can automatically adjust your heating and cooling settings based on the surrounding temperature.

It can turn off heating and cooling when no one is home but warm your house 5 minutes before

you reach home. This optimizes energy use and reduces the high energy consumption from your home’s heating and cooling system, which will quickly translate into savings each month. In numbers, Nest Labs said that the average household can save 10 to 12 percent on heating costs and 15 percent on cooling simply by installing a smart thermostat.

<h1>Detecting Water Leaks and Pipes Freeze</h1>

We don’t often detect water leaks and pipe freeze until they flood the home, which results in expensive repairs and cleanup. When you install smart water leak and freeze detectors at your water source, these detectors can alert you early on about your water problem. Detected early, this will help you avoid wasting gallons of water and fixing the problem when it is still small.

<h1>Saving Your Energy By Making Daily Tasks Simple</h1>

Apart from energy efficiency, smart appliances and technology can streamline your life to help you save energy and time. For example, smart vacuums and mops can free you an hour from your daily household chores, while smart washers and dryers can make laundry day simple by giving you more control over your laundry cycles.

This all adds up to significant time, which you can use on more important tasks and priorities.