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After centuries of cultural evolution, the general consensus is still that applying jewelry is an essential aspect of our appearance. Similar to how some women apply makeup to enhance their aesthetic, jewelry functions to add beauty and sophistication. However, jewelry is far more than just a pointless accessory. Research shows that when a person wears a piece of jewelry, their self-confidence increases. This is because wearing a piece of jewelry, like an article of clothing, is a form of creatively expressing our character and establishing how we want others to perceive us.

The practice of wearing jewelry dates back to around 3,000 to 400 BC. Precious stones and amulets were not only stunning ways to accessorize but owning jewelry around this time and onwards was symbolic of wealth, power, and status. Jewelry can also be symbolic of tradition, in some cultures jewelry is passed on for generations and is worn to connect to one’s roots and ancestors. Jewelry can signify a variety of different things to different people, and certain pieces of jewelry symbolize different beliefs. Continue reading to find out what they are.


According to a survey by Diamond Nexus, 87% of women prefer to wear earrings rather than any other piece of jewelry. And who can blame them? Earrings are certainly one of the most elegant items of jewelry due to the fact that they symbolize identification and womanhood and reflect femininity and innocence. Earrings are commonly made out of the following metals: gold, palladium, silver-sterling, titanium stainless steel, and tungsten.
Earrings can be paired with almost any article of clothing and can drastically improve your appearance when one finds the most flattering shape and structure for their face.


The necklace has been identified as possibly one of the earliest adornments worn by humans. Occasionally they serve ceremonial and religious purposes and in some cultures are used to express faith or to bring protection and good fortune, however, they are predominantly symbolic of power, wealth, and status as they are commonly made out of precious stones and rich metal.

Today, necklaces are commonly made out of the following metals: gold, silver, and platinum. But what makes them irresistible are the gems and precious stones that are attached. Depending on the material, precious stones used and the company that manufactures them the cost of a necklace can range from a couple of dollars to millions. Nowadays, people subscribe less to the symbolic meanings behind necklaces and rather use them to accessorize and embellish.


The purpose of a ring is simply to symbolize marriage or companionship. This is because the shape of the ring is that of a circle, which has no beginning or end and therefore represents infinity which is symbolic of eternal devotion or commitment to another person. Rings are commonly made out of the following metals: tungsten, titanium, ceramic, and platinum as well as many other metals.

The circular shape of the ring and the reasoning behind it is still very much relevant today, especially with wedding and engagement rings. In the past, all rings were fabricated in the same shape and structure, however fortunately that is no longer the case. You can request and commission custom engagement rings to achieve a more unique and original look that is completely personalized to you, and tailored towards your personal preferences.


Bracelets, similar to rings in their shape, symbolizes a relationship to someone. But before the bracelet was used to indicate a secure relationship and was a metaphor for carrying a piece of your loved one with you, many cultures in the Eastern part of the world have associated bracelet wearing with wealth and status. Women in India for example, use bangles to enhance and reflect their femininity and elegance and is also a significant part of their culture. Bracelets are commonly made out of the following materials: metal, leather, cloth, plastic, bead along with several other metals.

History shows us the importance of jewelry and how its ancient uses still apply in this day and age. Jewelry goes beyond enhancing one’s appearances, instead, it enhances one’s confidence and aligns their core beliefs and values with how one chooses to present themselves. So after having read what every piece of jewelry signifies, I advise you to open your jewelry box or observe the current jewelry you are wearing and ask yourself what it means to you and why you think you chose to own or wear it? Because inside every person’s jewelry box are carefully crafted pieces that make up their identity. Next time you go out, don’t forget to leave the house with a couple of beautiful rings, a nice pair of gorgeous earrings, and an elegant necklace to complete your own personalized look.